Perfect Your Financial Ibadah

Zakat Starts at Home

Allah (SWT) has established Zakat as a financial Ibadah. Fulfill your Zakat obligation to Allah with diligence and bring dignity to your Muslim neighbours right here in Canada.

Revive a Prophetic Sunnah

Where Should Your Zakat Go? The Prophet (SAW) Told Us

The Prophet (SAW) sent Muadh ibn Jabal (r) to the people of Yemen. He was tasked with calling them to bear witness to Allah’s Oneness, to pray and pay Zakat. Muadh (r) dedicated years to this cause.  

One year, during the caliphate of Omar (r), Muadh (r) sent one-third of Yemen’s Zakat to Madina. Omar (r) reminded him that Zakat is to be taken from the rich and given to the poor of Yemen, and Muadh (r) replied: “I would not send you anything had I found someone to take it from me.”  

The next year, Muadh (r) sent half of Yemen’s Zakat to Madina and the year after that, he sent all of Yemen’s Zakat, saying that he did not find a single person in Yemen eligible for the Zakat. (Kitab al-Amwal)

At National Zakat Foundation, our mission is to build the institution of Zakat across Canada. We believe that Zakat starts at home and supporting our community right here in Canada is a pathway to building a stronger Ummah across the world.  

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Why You Should Trust Us

Similar to Masajid that uphold the pillar of Salah, over the last ten years, we have worked to build NZF as an institution that upholds the pillar of Zakat right here in Canada. Local Zakat is our only goal, we dedicate all our resources to ensuring your Zakat is managed in adherence with the Quran and Sunnah.

Our distribution process ensures your Zakat obligation will be fulfilled with diligence, providing dignity to the most vulnerable in our community.

We are one of the only Muslim charities who don’t rely on partners to distribute Zakat, we manage the entire process from collection to distribution internally, meaning you can place your trust in us to manage your Zakat with perfection.  

Since inception we have scaled our Zakat distribution across +125 cities in Canada, transforming the lives of over 50,000 vulnerable Muslims, including single mothers, refugees, those living with disabilities and the elderly.  

Are there Zakat-Eligible People in Canada?

Despite government support and programs in place, the need for local Zakat is real and cannot be ignored. Thousands of families living in Canada face real challenges related to poverty. Among these are low-income individuals, those with disabilities, the elderly, refugees and newcomers in resettlement, single parents, new Muslims, and the homeless.

Who Does Your Zakat Go To?

Your Zakat restores dignity to the most vulnerable Muslim brothers and sisters in our community:  

Who is impacted by local Zakat the most? Find out here.

Strengthen a Canadian Muslim Family

How You Can Help

Has Local Zakat Made an Impact in the Past?

The Impact of Your Zakat in Their Words

“Do you know how much I cried when I got the help from you. First, I thanked Allah and then I thank you. I am incredibly grateful to have a family like you. I was up all night praying for you and only slept after Fajr. May Allah give you strength, health, and happiness for helping people, and may He give you more.”

- Amira, your Zakat beneficiary

Earn Their Duas with Your Zakat


7,331+ Stories to Tell

This is how you’ve impacted the lives of your Muslim brothers and sisters over the years.
“Thank you so much for supporting me, I received the check yesterday. May Allah reward everyone who helped us.”

Saba & Sameer

Refugee couple

Thank you for your attention and your support. Now I feel that I am not alone because I have you. You are my sisters and brothers.

Single Mother Who Received Food Support

Single Mother Who Received Food Support

Our situation is about to get better as there is a new job I am getting ready for within the next couple of weeks. Your organization was of critical help at a very sensitive time in our lives due to the war in Palestine. Our lives are much better now and we feel we are going to be stable soon.

Gaza Evacuee Supported by You

“Thank you for helping me and my family in this sensitive and difficult situation of my family life. I will never forget Allah’s favors on me first then your institution’s. May God Almighty allow us to become one of your supporters. Jazakom Allahu khayran.”

Saad, Manahil, & Abeer

Refugee family

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The Blessed 10 days are here

“And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves - you will find it with Allah.”

(Surah Baqarah 2:110)

Your Zakat Questions, Answered

Learn more about applying for Zakat with National Zakat Foundation Canada
Learn about Zakat
Will I get a tax receipt?

This donation is processed through My Masjid App, you will receive a tax receipt from them directly.

What is the NZF Canada administration fee?

Our administrative cost is 5% or less. Our policy is to try and cover all our admin costs through non-Zakat donations. Read more about our Zakat Policies here.

Do I pay Zakat if I have a student loan?

Yes, you may be entitled to pay Zakat if you have a student loan. If you are not making any payments toward your loan right now, then there is nothing for you to deduct and you will simply pay Zakat on your net Zakatable assets.

Does National Zakat Foundation provide direct support with cash?

NZF funds clients in a manner that the organization sees fit and aligned with the needs highlighted in the Zakat application. Under current CRA regulations, NZF does not provide cash directly to Zakat applicants.

Does National Zakat Foundation only assist Muslims?

We follow the legal guidelines of Zakat as a restricted fund to assist Muslims in need. However, we do receive applications from those, not of the Islamic faith and provide whatever assistance we can from non-Zakat funds as well as by connecting them to other resources available in the community. Read more here.

Still Have Questions?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us for more information or read our knowledge base below.

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