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Our zakat distribution policies are rooted in the Islamic principle of justice and fairness. We strive to ensure that all donations are distributed in an equitable manner to those most in need.

Zakat Distribution Policies

NZF commits to distribute your Zakat to those in need in a way which is impactful, efficient and caring. We will:

  • Use all Zakat for charitable activity. 
  • Distribute Zakat in a way which is impactful, efficient and caring.  
  • Assess applications for Zakat from any eligible Muslim in need in Canada to make sure they meet the Islamic and financial criteria for Zakat.
  • We will check carefully that each individual applicant is making a valid application and that they are eligible for help. We will check their identity and financial situation. We will take a proportionate approach to risk and appreciate the difficult circumstances applicants are facing while ensuring compliance with the rulings of Zakat as per our Shariah Policy. 
  • Distribute the funds to Muslims in need within 1 lunar year. 
  • Ask each Zakat recipient for feedback on the service they receive and the impact the Zakat has made on their financial situation and their life. NZF utilizes Zakat for the collection and distribution of Zakat under the third category of Zakat: Amaleena Alayha (Zakat Administrators), following the opinion that Zakat can be utilized, to run the program, after using all other available resources, such as Sadaqah.

Zakat Fundraising Policies

NZF will ensure that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful. We will ensure:

  • Every dollar of Zakat collected is utilized in Canada in line with our Zakat Distribution Policy.
  • All Zakat collected is distributed within one lunar year of its collection.
  • Clarity is provided on the intent for each fundraising campaign.
  • Detailed impact reports are provided on an annual basis.

Privacy and Safeguarding Policy

National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We want everyone who engages with us to feel confident and comfortable with how personal information will be looked after and used. We are:

  • Committed to being completely transparent about what information of yours we collect and what we do with it. Further details about our privacy can be found here.
  • Committed to safeguarding everyone involved in our charity and the work we do. We believe that everyone has an equal right to protection from harm, exploitation and abuse, especially those experiencing circumstances where they may be less able to protect themselves.
  • Proactive in our response to keeping children and adults safe. We will take every reasonable step to provide safe environments for those involved in our charity and the work we do, whether online or over the telephone.
  • Focused on protecting our clients’ dignity and confidentiality. We will not reveal details to 3rd parties without written authorization from a client.

Shariah Policy

We are guided by the prophetic teachings on Zakat to envision a Muslim community that is dignified and unified.

  • All Shariah matters are reviewed and approved by the Shariah Advisory Board (SAB) and the Islamic Compliance Committee of NZF Canada (ICC).
  • NZF uses and recommends the Nisab for silver to calculate Zakat as this results in more individuals paying and benefiting from Zakat.
  • With respect to Zakat education, NZF presents different opinions where possible, and otherwise defers to the organizational position.
  • NZF continuously reviews and improve our organizational policies to change for the better.
  • Donors and recipients will be notified of significant changes via email.
  • Adhere to what is more cautious with respect to calculating Zakat while doing our best to be as specific as possible to each individual giver.

Policy Questions

Our mission is to be simple, transparent and impactful. Please share any questions you may

have regarding any of the policies above to and we will do our best to

get back to you in 5 business days.

NZF Feeds Food Program is a food delivery program that aims to transform the way Canadian Muslims receive food.

A box of various food items for donation.

No one expects food insecurity to be a prominent issue in Canada, but with inflation the highest it’s been in 20 years, it’s no surprise that:

Each year, NZF receives a record number of applications from vulnerable Muslims seeking assistance with food. Unable to access mainstream food banks due to cultural and transportation constraints, as well as a lack of halal options, Muslims across Canada are struggling to provide themselves and their families with halal, nutrient-dense options.

The NZF Feeds Program delivers fresh and high-quality food, including halal meat, to our most vulnerable community members with the aim to:

A bowl of vegetables and a bottle of water.
Muslims in need
Two men moving boxes.
Partnerships with the community
A small shop with a red and white awning.
Muslim-owned businesses

We partner with Muslim-owned halal supermarkets to safely assemble and package high-quality food essentials. Each package is filled with fresh produce, halal meats, and other essentials to provide recipients with healthy and nutritious meals.  

Working together with local trustworthy NGOs who understand the needs of their local community, alongside our dedicated volunteers, these packages are delivered directly to safely deliver these nutritious and wholesome food packages to the doorstep of our beneficiaries or a secure pick-up location to protect their dignity and privacy. Beneficiaries are also given the autonomy to choose between a pre-packaged food box or a food gift voucher for a local Halal grocery store.

No lengthy wait times, no long lineups – just food directly delivered in their time of need.

IN 2022:

  • 14250+ unique individuals were helped with food packages, gift cards or prepared meals
  • $2.42M distributed as food assistance

How YOU Can Help!                                  

  • Volunteer to deliver food packages to beneficiaries or assemble food packages
  • Partner with us to serve your local community, contact us for more information
  • Donate to this program
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Our seasonal programs aim to support and strengthen Muslims across Canada through the power of Zakat, all year round. These programs run during key dates during the year including Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah to ensure no Muslim family is left without essentials during these blessed months, freeing them for worship and encouraging their connection to faith and community.  

We also offer support throughout the year with food, clothing and other essentials during winter months, back to school season and more.

A bowl of vegetables and a bottle of water.
Two men moving boxes.
A small shop with a red and white awning.
A small shop with a red and white awning.
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NZF Canada aims to expand to providing Zakat for a key recipient of Zakat funds as specified in the Qur’an:

“those whose hearts need to be softened [towards Islam].” (9:60)

The program is aimed at Muslim converts who have taken the Shahadah and now identify as Muslim.

The program will aid the development, delivery and enhancement of social, community and religious experiences of Muslim Converts in Canada, so they may grow in resolve and commitment to the Deen of Islam and the choice they made to accept it.

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Every Donation Makes a Difference!

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