Supporting Canadians Returning from Gaza

Many Canadians remain trapped in Gaza during this terrifying time of bombardment. As a group of organizations across Canada working with NCCM, we are united in helping these individuals and families return home. If you have family or a loved one who needs to come home from Gaza, please contact as soon as possible.

How We’re Responding

Update - April 19, Friday. Total $1,260,143 has been distributed to 337 individuals. 88 households have been impacted. Long-term resettlement support is ongoing.
Update - March 19, Tuesday. Total $1,001,220.95 has been distributed to 322 individuals. 82 households have been impacted. Long-term resettlement support is ongoing.
Update - Feb 12, Monday. Total $727,047 has been distributed to 303 individuals. 59 households have found housing. Another 11 household are still looking for housing. Please help with donations, get in touch with us to find housing and employment opportunities by using the forms on the links above.
Update - January 22, Monday. Total $484,480 has been distributed to 64 households (271 individuals) with many more arriving to Canada from Gaza. Since January 5, 23% have been helped with food, 43% with rent, 11% with clothes, and 21% with furniture.
Update - January 5, Friday. Total $384,836 has been distributed to 56 households (230 individuals) with many more arriving to Canada from Gaza. What have they been helped with? 100% with food, 54% with rent, 84% with clothes, and 48% with furniture.
Update - December 15, Friday. Over 41 families (181 individuals) have been provided with support. $164,168 in support has been distributed already. More are arriving and we need your continued support. Please give generously.

A coalition of Canadian Islamic charities and NGOs has come together to ensure that the families are supported with all their financial and (re)settlement needs. National Zakat Foundation and Nisa Foundation are the delivery partners responsible for providing this support.

Request for Privacy and Confidentiality

The families have requested that unless they give express permission, that media outlets as well as elected officials respect the privacy of all returning Canadians from Gaza when they land. It is important to note that many of them have just been through extraordinarily difficult circumstances and it is not appropriate to turn that moment into a photo op.

**Additional funds collected will be used to provide essentials to eligible beneficiaries throughout the year.**

How We're Responding

Phase 1: Immediate Arrival Support

In the first 2 months upon arrival, individuals and families who have returned will be greeted by a primary point of contact on behalf of the coalition of charities who will coordinate logistics and assess their needs.

Based on the needs of the family we will provide assistance including

food gift cards

rent deposits

medical bills & prescriptions

flight costs

therapy sessions

clothing and furniture assistance

and any other urgent needs the families may have.

Phase 2: Long Term Resettlement Support

We will continue to work to ensure that the families have their needs met for an additional 4 months. During this stage, the goal will also be to help the families work towards self-sufficiency and independence. After the 6 month period, we will continue working closely with the families to assess financial need and provide support if necessary.

It is important to note that although the returning families and individuals hold Canadian citizenship, there are many who have been away from Canada for a number of years now and do not have relatives or living arrangements in Canada. Many have little to no resources after escaping horrific circumstances, and will need resettlement support to build a life and home back in Canada.

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Our situation is about to get better as there is a new job I am getting ready for within the next couple of weeks. Your organization was of critical help at a very sensitive time in our lives due to the war in Palestine. Our lives are much better now and we feel we are going to be stable soon.

Gaza Evacuee Supported by You

“Thank you for helping me and my family in this sensitive and difficult situation of my family life. I will never forget Allah’s favors on me first then your institution’s. May God Almighty allow us to become one of your supporters. Jazakom Allahu khayran.”

Saad, Manahil, & Abeer

Refugee family

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, I could put iftar on the table and buy some Eid clothes for my children, alhamdulillah, I don't know how to appreciate each one of you but may Allah bless each one of you and your families with Jannat al-Firdous. Ameen.”


Single mother of four

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