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The Dua of Umar Bin Al Khattab

Today is World Human Rights Day, and this year's theme is Equality: Reducing inequalities and Advancing Human Rights.    

Many have questioned the compatibility between Islam and Human Rights, but the truth is Islam would be incomplete without it. Countless verses in the Quran and many hadiths are dedicated to the rights of both men and women. Here are just a few:   

The Right to Life   

Whosoever kills a human being without (any reason like) manslaughter, or corruption on earth, it is as though he has killed all mankind (5:32)   

The Right to Justice   

You who believe stand steadfast before God as a witness for (truth and) fair play (4:135).   

The Right to Fulfill Agreements    

O you who believe, fulfill your contracts (5: 1)   

One of the greatest examples of someone who upheld justice, (after the Prophet SAW) was Umar Bin Al Khattab. Many know him for his strength, but people tend to forget his compassion. Umar (RA) understood that the rights of the individual were given by Allah and for one to take away something that Allah himself has decreed would be a major transgression.    

“When have you enslaved people whereas they were born free?!”   

-Umar Bin Al Khattab   

Umar was the kind of leader who did exactly what he preached, as he knew there would be a time he would return to his Creator. When he was Caliph, a woman made a claim against him. During the trial, out of respect, the judge stood up once Umar came. Umar reprimanded him saying, “This is the first act of injustice you did to this woman”.   

We may not all be in high leadership roles, but each one of us is a leader in some capacity. A sister may be a leader to her younger siblings, a manager to her/his employees, etc. It is important to ask ourselves if we are unconsciously engaging in the oppression of others? If we find ourselves taking advantage of our roles, we should ask Allah for guidance and begin taking steps to treat people justly. 

We leave you with a beautiful dua that Umar Bin al Khattab would make to ensure that his treatment towards others was always just:   

“O Allah, I am hard, make me soft to promote the Truth, to comply with your injunctions and to aspire for a better life in the world hereafter…O Allah, soften my heart for the faithful so that I attend to their needs with a sense of dedication…O Allah gives me the power of self-criticism and self-assessment”  

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