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Our Forgotten Siblings

November is recognized as National Orphan Awareness Month, and so we wanted to shed light on those who have faced the same loss, pain, and hardship as our beloved Prophet pbuh. A trial reserved for the strong, but a trial nonetheless. As mentioned in the Quran 23 times, the rights of orphans upon Muslims are a responsibility that cannot be overlooked.  We are commanded to treat them kindly with our actions and our words.  

“If other relatives, orphans, or needy people are present at the distribution, give them something too, and speak kindly to them,” (4:8). 

“Worship Allah, and do not associate with Him anything, and be good to parents and to kinsmen and orphans and the needy and the close neighbor and the distant neighbor and the companion at your side and the wayfarer and to those (slaves who are) owned by you. Surely, Allah does not like those who are arrogant, proud,” (4:36). 

Countless hadiths have also mentioned the importance and reward of taking care of orphans, yet here in Canada, Muslim orphans are often forgotten in our community efforts, daily prayers, and charitable giving's. According to the 2016 Canadian Census, 43,880 Children were in foster care.1 Islamically, a child is an orphan if she/he has lost both parents or their father before the age of puberty. In 2011, approximately 59,700 Muslim families in Canada consisted of one-parent households. The head of 84% of these families were women.2

Through our work at Nisa Homes (a project of NZF), we establish a refuge for widowed mothers, their orphan children, and all women who find themselves in unprecedented circumstances. Nisa Homes provides a safe space, and a place of opportunity for women to become independent and self-sufficient to provide for themselves and their children. 

We would never consider leaving our biological brothers or sisters during their time of need, so why do we ignore the needs of orphans in Canada when Allah swt has appointed us as siblings? 

“On this world and the next. They ask you about [the property of] orphans: say, ‘It is good to set things right for them. If you combine their affairs with yours, remember they are your brothers and sisters: God knows those who spoil things and those who improve them. Had He so willed, He could have made you vulnerable too: He is almighty and wise,” (2:220).  

Help us set things right for them.  Click Here.

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