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Jaida’s Story: Juggling Immigration and Motherhood Alone

Back in early 2020, Jaida; a mother of four, uplifted her family and moved to Canada in search for a better future. Her husband had not joined her on the journey, but she hoped to sponsor him and be united with him soon. Life in a new country without much support was more than she was prepared for. Every day she struggled more, and before long things started to pile up. 
Her husband had suddenly fallen ill and could not send over any more money either. Late payments turned into arrears, bills turned into debt, and the realization that she could no longer support her children by herself, started to become a bleak reality. Welfare was an option, but not a practical one. She was in the process of sponsoring her husband and that could disrupt the application. 
She was at a very low point in her life when she found her way to NZF. She was given immediate support to pay off her rent and cover food expenses. She and her children were also provided new, warm clothes. Finally, we connected her with an employment agency, where she was able to build her resume and get temporary employment. Her struggles are not yet over, and she still has a long way to go. But with the light at the end of the tunnel, and the support of her community with her, she marches on and dreams of the day she and her kids are reunited with her husband.  

Jaida is among many who walk the narrow path. A mother, a wife, a true hero.  

The struggles faced by Jaida, and those who share her circumstances are unfortunately all too familiar to us at NZF. We witness them daily, and often, the only thing standing in the way of pain and suffering is your Zakat. Just as it helped Jaida and her family, it continues to help hundreds like her, who wake up every day taking on the challenges before them, with hope, determination, and tawakkul in Allah. 

To offer a helping hand to many more like Jaida, click here.  

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