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Goal Setting In Ramadan

Ramadan Planning

  1. Define your goals 

What is your goal? Is it realistic? Achievable? The reason why many people don’t achieve their goals in life is because their goals are unrealistic. The truth is, life can be extremely busy, and everyone has responsibilities. For a goal to be achieved, it’s important to keep other responsibilities in mind or else the goal will become harder than it is.  

Once you define your goal, ask Allah SWT to help you. Understand that it is only with Allah’s help that you will achieve your goal. Once you take the first step towards him, he will run towards you.  

“Whoever comes to Me walking, I will come to him running. Whoever meets Me with enough sins to fill the earth, not associating any partners with Me, I will meet him with as much forgiveness.” 

  1.  Plan 

Whether big or small, it is extremely important to create a plan on how you will achieve your goal. Create a detailed schedule and follow it to the best of your abilities. Remember to work around your other responsibilities so that you don’t fall short of them.  

Ex: write down you goals and place them somewhere you can easily access 

  1. Celebrate accomplishments 

Don’t shy away from being proud of yourself. It's important to celebrate your wins. This will motivate you to continue to remain on track. Thank Allah SWT consistently and ask him to continue to help you.  

Ex: Take time out, reflect and see what goals are going as planned. Acknowledge yourself and be proud!  

  1. Check-In with your plan 

Are you on track? Is it going well? Do you need to change something? Do you need to renew your intentions? Evaluate what’s going well and what isn’t, and how you can improve. Doing this will ensure you stay on top of everything and achieve what you set out to.  

Ex: Look at your goals often, remind yourself daily so you don’t forget. Put reminders on your phone, notes around your house to help you 

  1. Hold yourself accountable 

Just as it’s important we celebrate wins, we should also be aware of losing sight of our goals. Understand that achieving a goal is a journey, it may not always be smooth. There will be obstacles and many times along the way you will stop and question if it is worth it. This is bound to happen, but it is important to hold yourself accountable, especially when you may not be on track


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