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We're left with very little to none to feed my family - Amina's story

Amina’s family of four were struggling to pay for everyday expenses ever since her husband underwent two open-heart surgeries that left him physically disabled and unable to work. As they were coming to terms with his recovery, their young daughter was diagnosed with kidney failure and Amina was stretched thin in caring for her ailing family.

Amidst the growing health concerns, Amina* was forced to shift the family when the landlord sold their home. Mounting expenses due to the frequent taxi rides to medical appointments and outstanding bills left them with very little to none to purchase food.

The growing desperation and hunger led Amina to contact NZF Canada in hopes of a bit of support. She was speechless when she received fresh, high-quality foods, halal meat, and food vouchers delivered straight to her doorstep through the NZF Feeds Program. Additionally, she received financial support to help with rent payments and settle pending bills.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah provides financially vulnerable families like Amina's with access to healthy and nutritious groceries.


*Disclaimer: The images and names used are not of actual NZF beneficiaries⁠. Some details have been changed to maintain privacy and respect of our beneficiaries.

To apply for assistance, click here.

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