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Our Community is Your Community

At National Zakat Foundation, we believe that our community can only grow stronger if we work together through the pillar of Zakat, leading to a dignified, unified, and thriving community in Canada.
A young Muslim woman smiling while receiving a fruit basket from a deliveryman.

NZF Feeds Food Program

NZF Feeds Food Program

Works to nourish, strengthen and support Muslims in need by providing fresh, halal food packages. Learn More

Seasonal Programs & Campaigns

Seasonal Programs & Campaigns

Include community iftars, Eid toy drives, Winter drives, and more to ensure our clients are taken care of when they are most in need.
Two young children playing with various colorful toys.
Two young women, one dressed in green and one dressed in pink, smiling while hugging eachother.

New Muslim Program (Coming Soon!)

New Muslim Program (Coming Soon!)

Will aim to support, encourage and strengthen new Muslims as they embark on the most important journey of their lives.
From our Clients

“I was by myself with my young child, with no support or help. Without your support and the help you used to send, I do not know what I would’ve done. Thanks to God first, then thanks to your organization, my situation in now good. I cannot explain how I feel towards your organization, your generosity, and your kindness with me. Your organization have been the best thing that happened to me since I arrived to Canada, and you helped me a lot. Jazakom Allah khair for everything.“

A Muslim woman smiling staring at the camera.
Single mother who received food assistance

“I have no better words to say than Jazakum Allah khair. Only Allah can give you reward for this. And I promise you one day in sha Allah I will be able to donate much much more than that. This is my promise to you and with myself. I will never forget that help and your trust in me. Alhamdulillah."-

A Muslim woman smiling staring at the camera.
Refugee claimant, widowed mother of 3 young children

“Jazak ALLAH khayr, I received the cheque today and gave it to landlord immediately. Thank you so much dear sister, you and your organization have helped me and my family out so much. I can never do enough to repay you. From the bottom of my heart, I am making sincere dua'a for you that ALLAH rewards you beyond measure and that you and your family are blessed immensely.

A Muslim woman smiling staring at the camera.
Maaz, Abeeha, & Anam
Single mother of four
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