Gift of Stocks & Securities

Whether you want to make a one-time donation or support our ongoing programs, donating securities is a powerful way to help us achieve our mission and make a brighter future for those in need right here in Canada.

Gift of Stocks & Securities

Your Zakat has been pivotal in upholding the dignity of our community and fulfilling a profound Islamic duty.

By donating stocks and securities, you can make a significant impact on our work providing food, shelter, clothing, and essentials for Muslim families across Canada here and now

Donating securities is a tax-efficient alternative to donating cash, as you won't pay taxes on capital gains, and you'll receive a tax receipt for the securities' fair market value. This means you can support our programs and enjoy a significant tax incentive, making it a win-win situation.
Example: Tax benefit of gifting publicly traded securities to National Zakat Foundation.

Give with Assurance

At the National Zakat Foundation, we pledge our Amanah to ensure your Zakat reaches those who hold the right to it. We are meticulous in our governance and processes, ensuring every dollar is a step toward sustainable support and uplifting dignity. Give now to ensure your Zakat continues to empower and bring dignity to your neighbors, from the ones making dua in secret to those seeking a helping hand. It is a gift of compassion, a gift of unity, a gift of hope.
Download the PDF form to get started or click here to gift securities through Canada Helps.

Our Promise

Your contribution is more than aid; it's a catalyst for a stronger, cohesive community. Our commitment to expert stewardship of your Zakat promises the greatest impact on our collective tomorrow.

Giving Your Zakat as Stocks

Any stocks or shares you donate as Zakat must be Shariah compliant. Want to check if your stocks are halal? Visit Zoya Finance or Islamicly.

Your gift could change lives. Donating stocks is a great way to use your securities to help NZF provide the most basic needs to vulnerable Muslims across Canada.

To donate your securities, you can either:


Call: 1-888-693-2203 ext. 998

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